Up for sale is a rare mint condition Yamaha Speed 2 stroke street race bike.
This bike has been upgraded recently from parts from my old race bike.
When I ride this bike, most Thais on motorbikes will give me the right of way and not do crazy things in front of me or near me, if I ride properly...........this bike really scares them. A Thai on a motorbike will pull over to the side of the road to let me pass, I get this all the time.

I built this bike from a mint condition Yamaha Speed that was previously owned by a bike collector, all the plastic panels are in mint condition and looks brand new for the bikes age.

This bike will do a very quick 1st gear to 60 km/h near instantly, top speed is about 150 km/h.
On ringroad, you can instantly put a ¼ mile on everyone when taking off from a redlight.

The engine work features:
milled head
lightened flywheel, over ½ pound removed
intake ported
transfers ported
exhaust port cleaned and up and matched to the pipe
LS 125 expansion chamber
26mm mikuni carburetor
race springs installed in the clutch
premix oil only, auto injector removed
Steel braided brake lines, front and back
Café style clubman mirrors
No rev-limit CDI

tires are in new condition and the mags are straight and not bent.
17 inch mag wheels, featuring a HUGE 100/80/17 back tire and a 70/90/17 front tire
all service to the bike has been done by myself, I have over 30 years of 2 stroke tuning experience

green book and road tax and insurance paid
you can ride past the police check point stops if you have a helmet and mirrors on the bike

This is not a dangerous wild bike to ride, the powerband is fairly stable. The bike will go as fast as you push it, it will eat any modern motorcycle up to 200cc.

8,200km on the clock

reason for selling: this is bike #3 in my collection, I need the space, I will sell one bike, and the other will not be for sale.
This bike can be shipped and registered in Thailand

55,000 baht 
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